Urgent Call for Resolution and Communication on AMPL Issues in Aave

Dear Ampleforth Team and Community,

I am writing once more with deep concern over the unresolved issues surrounding AMPL on the Aave platform. Our patience and understanding have been stretched thin, especially in light of specific commitments for updates that have regrettably not been met. I reference here a commitment from Naguib of the Ampleforth team, as noted on the Aave governance forum, which indicated that further information was to be expected by the end of last week. This promised update has not been provided, and the specific message can be viewed here: Naguib’s message on Aave forum.

The absence of this update has significant implications for us all, leaving us in a state of limbo with regards to our investments in AMPL through Aave. The inability to act on our investments due to these unresolved issues places us in an increasingly precarious position.

In light of the situation, I respectfully request:

  1. Immediate and Actionable Update: We urgently need clear, comprehensive information on the efforts underway to resolve the AMPL issue on Aave. This update should ideally address the challenges encountered thus far and provide a realistic timeline for a resolution that would allow us to access our funds.
  2. Accountability for Communication: The missed deadline for the promised update has understandably raised concerns within our community. An explanation for this delay, along with a commitment to improved and consistent future communications, is essential.
  3. Guidance for AMPL Investors: Given the current impasse, what immediate steps can AMPL investors take? Any advice or interim solutions would be greatly appreciated by those of us looking for clarity and direction during this uncertain time.
  4. Future Preventative Measures: Lastly, understanding the complex nature of the issue at hand, we seek insight into the measures being implemented to prevent such situations in the future. Ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of AMPL is crucial for rebuilding trust and confidence among investors.

We understand the challenges involved in navigating such complex issues but remain committed to seeking a resolution. Transparent, timely communication and concrete actions are critical at this juncture. We eagerly await a detailed response that offers a clear way forward.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. We appreciate the efforts of those working towards a resolution and hope for a prompt, transparent update.

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