Proposal for further recourse for users affected by Aave AMPL liquidity shortfall

This proposal is an opportunity for the Ampleforth community to take further action, in addition to what was done through the AAVE DAO, to mitigate the impact on users affected by the liquidity shortfall on AAVE. It is not an attempt to resolve all the issues that were unsatisfactory in the distribution process done through the AAVE DAO.

Context: Postmortem

As mentioned in this post: AMPL problem on Aave v2 Ethereum

The difference between the calculation based on rebasing since the pool was frozen and the ultimate distributions calculated by ChaosLabs is 3,310 WAMPL.

I propose to the Ampleforth community that the Forth DAO distributes 3310 WAMPL plus an additional 20% of the same amount, totalling around 4,000 WAMPL, to be divided among aAMPL holders based on the fraction of the total aAMPL supply held, excluding the AAVE reserve.


@Naguib Thank you very much :slight_smile:
I think people who were damaged with aAmpl event, they will appreciate your initiative. On my part, trust and respect have fully returned to your team. You may offer a small compensation, but it’s not just the amount of money, it’s how dev team are treating investors and the responsibility, attention and care that you show. Thank you very much for this! :heart:

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Snapshot vote published.

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Hey Naguib, so what happens now after voting finished? Many days passed already, would be nice to receive updates from you