Unwind AMPL-aAMPL liquidity position

The aave v2 AMPL pool and many others were recently disabled as a risk mitigating measure.

The DAO owns ~150k worth AMPL-aAMPL liquidity on mooniswap which currently does not serve any purpose as the aave pool is defunct.

If there are no objections, this liquidity position can be wound down back into AMPL.

Since this is mostly minor housekeeping, I don’t think we need a separate on-chain vote. It can be performed as part of the upcoming geyser refresh.


I like this idea. Honestly, I completely forgot about that pool. It makes sense for the DAO to reclaim it for other strategic efforts.

Absolutely makes sense to unwind this position. With frozen markets on Aave, there’s no reason to be providing aAMPL-AMPL liquidity