FORTH on Compound

This proposal is to gather feedback on adding FORTH to Compound Finance.

We can follow the same path UNI took to:

  1. Have a cFORTH token deployed on Compound to be used as collateral for loans
  2. Give a community multi-sig the ability to vote on behalf of all cFORTH holders.
  3. Exclude wallets that have borrowed FORTH, this will prevent people from taking loans to manipulate votes.

Here are a couple of links with more information. This should require minimal changes from our side:

FORTH can bring a lot of capital over to Compound without the concerns the Compound has expressed before about listing a rebasing token like AMPL.

Any feedback is welcome!


I think this makes sense, and since UNI was able to implement it, FORTH should be ok too. It would provide the flexibility to earn interest on FORTH and take loans against it.

However, would it make more sense to do this after AMPL applications have been deployed?


Wouldn’t it make more sense to add AMPL rather than Forth? I mean I’d love to be able to earn on my forth holdings but given the utility of ampl and the recent aave integration ampl seems likes the better goal right now. I’d day the same for alpha too