Forth User base

Hi everyone. My first post in here:

What will make people want to get Forth?

Governance proposals, airdrops or Exclusive access to something e.g. Early Geyser access, higher returns as Forth holders, First to get access to Spot, in order to get early access to Spot LPs etc. etc…

Not everyone wants to hold Forth to just have a say in proposals. There is nothing wrong with Forth, it is what it is at its core, it just needs a wider user base with incentives.

If Forth is supposed to only be a voting coin and nothing more, then few will want it, unless they’re really into governance.

Giving incentives to buy/hold Forth is not an artificial abuse of its purpose or intent, it’s just common sense in this ape degen market. It doesn’t necessarily has to cost anything for the Treasury, it can simply be a first class ticket to get access to initiatives before everyone else. People go crazy over big APRs in Farms… Why not require access to be for Forth holders first?


For: A wider user base of Forth, more inclusion of holders and a way to introduce/include them to more serious AMPL matters.

Against: A wider less dedicated user base, holding Forth just for incentives.


Absolutely agree! Currently value driven imo by treasury holdings (AMPL and FORTH) as well as voting control over AMPL network/network value. Moving forward, use cases put into action by funds from treasury, etc. and the returns of these investments should recycle back to the treasury and DAO control. Expansion of AMPL network will ultimately drive value!

I don’t grasp exactly what is being proposed and how. Can you please elaborate with concrete examples and usecases?

Example: The next Geyser should be


Yes that’s right, in order to enjoy the geyser, one must be committed to the AMPL ecosystem by making sure they also buy FORTH to enjoy the benefits. Forth should make any AMPLer a VIP.

Use case: inclusion in FORTH and allowing people who put FORTH in Geyser to be able to vote. Anyone having large portions of FORTH will be curious and inclusive on AMPL ecosystem. Having locked up Forth for Geyser benefits, gives incentive to also vote. Having incentive to vote, the person gets incentive to Market the AMPL ecosystem and spreading the word of AMPL and its usecases.

Usecase: Value for AMPL, value for Spot, value for Forth. FORTH FIRST.

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