Get rewarded with $AMPLE for participating in using your $FORTH tokens to vote

I say we should vote on something that incentives people to actually use their $FORTH tokens to vote. Like maybe you can earn a small amount of $Ample for participating in the voting process or something like that. They would take a snapshot of all the addresses after the voting ended, and everyone who participated will get rewarded with $ample. That would definitely get people to want to use their tokens for voting instead of just holding them. What do you guys think?


I was thinking about this too, but where does the AMPL come from? The only thing we can reward is with Forth from annual inflation, unless we require a payment in AMPL to submit a proposal for voting, which perhaps the winning voting party splits and keeps the proceeds of. This could drive some economic demand Forth I guess.

However what should the price of submitting a formal proposal be? And should there even be one? I would rather allow anyone to submit proposals at the moment and maybe think about adding a barrier later.

This would actually be a good use case for the unclaimed forth for the first few governance votes