AMPL on privacy networks such as the Secret Network?

Have privacy networks such as the “Secret Network” which supports many ERC-20 tokens been considered for AMPL ?

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This is a pretty cool idea. An added plus is that Secret Network already upgraded to be IBC compatible, which means you will be able to move AMPL across all the different blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Osmosis as an example, is an AMM that would be a great fit to bring AMPL as well.

So many things I’d like to discuss with the team … anyone know if there’s a crypto meetup any of the founders are attending, or perhaps a trade show or online event where we can ask questions ?

I’m interested in any debate that looks at competitive advantages vs other algorithmic stable coins.

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In the official discord, there is a bi-weekly opportunity, called “office hours”, to interact with the team and ask them questions. The last one was on Nov 17.