AMPL questions the average Joe might have (including me)

  1. Will AMPL ever be available on block-chains other than Ethereum (i.e. be a non-ERC-20 coin with the goal of cutting down on trading fees) such as Algorand… or is such an idea not feasible ?

  2. Related to question 1 - What plans are there to make AMPL tradable similar in vein to a Bitcoin Lightning network, so it can be exchanged for goods and services with virtually no fees, and act more like a DBDC (Decentralized Bank Digital Currency) alternative to the looming CBDC projects likely to see the light of day in a couple of years ?

I apologize if these end up being dumb questions, but at a simple level I would just like to know if there will be a way to cut down dramatically on fees for buying and selling AMPL (as gas fees are now super expensive). My interests are very big picture I know … but I haven’t seen the topic posted elsewhere for comment, and thought it would be worth it for those with deep experience in the space to comment.

You might say “Well why not use Bitcoin on Lightning for that” but I think (might be obvious to all, but still…) that holding on to a wallet that contains highly volatile deflationary Bitcoin is not a recipe for replacing FIAT. Even if everyone in El Salvador uses it. Only a truly un censorable coin that’s also stable can ever hope to do that. Is Layer 2 / Ethereum Plasma the answer ?

AMPL is already on BSC and AVAX! You can try out, and I’m sure more chains are coming soon. They are using as the decentralized bridge.


sorry if i ask dumb questions but i’m new in the AMPL’s world.
what is the best way to avoid gas fees and get started with AMPL?
i also want to try the AAVE protocol borrowing and lending, i think Avalanche is the best the solution.
what do you suggest?
do I get rebase on Avalanche wallet?

Ampl is available on Avalanche and BSC, which is the best way to avoid exorbitant gas fees. Currently the Aave ampl market only exists on Ethereum, although there is a proposal going through Aave governance right now to bring Ampl to Aave’s avalanche market as well.

Ampl rebases on all chains, including Avalanche!

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