About Launch Elastic AMM

The roadmap next will Launch Elastic AMM.
Does it mean that the centralized exchange also can provides API that allows AMM?
If yes, when is it possible?

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I’m not sure if that is main focus for the team at moment but yes also would like to know as well!

Hi @yeangkoel ,
I’m not sure if I misunderstand the question or if you confuse some of the terms.

Generally speaking, centralized exchanges use order-books for price discovery and trade execution.
Most, if not all (?), centralized exchanges provide APIs you can use for market making.
But this always involves active management as you have to place orders yourself.

AMMs on the other side are automated market makers. It’s a mathematical framework with which liquidity can be used for price discovery and trade execution.

If you are interested in active market making on centralized exchanges you could check out stuff like hummingbot.
For the upcoming elastic AMM however, there will be (most probably) nothing more to do than providing liquidity to make the market.