Get DEX aggregators to integrate WAMPL to AMPL swaps


I think it’d be a good idea to get DEX aggregators (cowswap, 1inch … ) to integrate the ability to swap directly between WAMPL and AMPL. Currently, it might take a non-direct route.

Another benefit is that it’d allow for better trades when swapping AMPL. The aggregator would be able to get liquidity from both AMPL pairs and also WAMPL pairs.

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I lost track of where it got to, but at one point the plan was for the new Balancer pool to handle that.

Definitely a worthwhile goal either way.

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Yes, I totally agree. It’s on our list of things to do, but will likely take some work interfacing with these governance systems to put in place.

When we looked at 1inch last, they had a dedicated “market” for WETH, so it looked like any other DEX but it just happened to rout to the wrapper contract. This is probably our preferred approach, but I don’t know what kind of volume they would want before adding WAMPL into their system.

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