Geyser Refresh for October 11, 2022

The current wave of geysers are set to expire on October 11th, 2022. I propose refreshing the current Geysers with the same amounts and durations as last time, with no changes.

Given the upcoming date, I suggest moving to a snapshot vote relatively quickly (assuming there’s rough consensus). So timely comments are appreciated!

Overall Thoughts

When Spot is live, we’ll likely want to revisit the Geyser configurations to best optimize AMPL, WAMPL, and SPOT liquidity so they all work well together. I can see this including liquidity owned directly by the DAO, and maintaining a smal number of deep pools for each asset. We can also consider moving liquidity onto Uniswap v3 using Charm vaults for floating assets like WAMPL or Arrakis vaults for stable assets like SPOT to increase efficiency.

The proposal for the last refresh round can be found here.

About the Geysers

The AMPL Geyser distributes AMPL tokens from the ecosystem fund to those who provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

The motivation of the geyser project is two-fold. First, it helps distribute the Ecosystem fund out into the world in a sensible, permissionless, and predictable way. And second, it distributes to those who contribute to the health of the AMPL ecosystem.

It was announced to be a 10 year program, with emissions roughly following Bitcoin’s emission curve. You can learn more here. However, it’s still within the DAO’s control to change or modify this program as it sees fit to keep up with the evolution of the marketplace.

Proposed Configuration


  • Original EcoFund carveout was 23.5% of network
  • Forth DAO Treasury owns 4,285,960 AMPL, so 44.24% of original EcoFund carveout is liquid
    (not counting the 346K AMPL and 296 ETH in Uni v2 and 100K AMPL in Mooniswap)

Following the Bitcoin Emmission schedule would give us a target for Y4Q1 to Y4Q4 of 1.75% of the original Eco Fund per quarter. (That’s 1.75% of 23.5% of total supply)

Geyser Platform Pair Chain % of Eco Fund
Splendid Aave aAMPL Ethereum 0.3 %
Trinity v3 Balancer v2 WAMPL/WETH/WBTC Ethereum 0.3 %
Beehive v4 Uniswap v2 ETH/AMPL Ethereum 0.6 %
Crystal Pangolin WAVAX/AMPL Avalanche 0.6 %
Total 1.8%

Good thoughts on the next following Geyser configuration refresh, considering Spot liquidity and Uniswap v3 will be key topics for discussion. I think this is a good configuration for the upcoming Oct 11th, 2022 refresh.
Release the Geysers!

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@Brandon Overall, I agree, but I am skeptical that Crystal is at 0.6% and not less. I understand why people would ask for Avalanch, but considering all the shady and bad press about the chain not too long ago. I also remember the chain was slow to verify transactions when the demand was very high and the fees were skyrocketing. Just out of curiosity, why the numbers are not 0.4%, 0.4%, 0.6% and 0.4%?

Good question @RomanPope.

I think it makes sense for Trinity to be slightly lower because it adds less direct AMPL liquidity per unit. It’s a 33/33/33 pool vs a 50/50 pool.

For aAMPL, it’s debatable whether it should be weighted higher or lower. Aave depositors have so far beaten the market compared to AMPL holders so it likely requires less emissions to maintain since it has less exposure to anything equivalent to impermanent loss on DEXs. This can change though, since it’s market dependent.

Crystal Geyser is really the only pool outside of Ethereum that’s included, and it’s a 50/50 pool for that ecosystem. So I think it does have some value being relatively closer to the Uni Pool on ETH.

For me, I guess it’s more a question of whether we should remove AMPL geysers from satellite chains. That may make sense after SPOT, but I’m not sure I like the idea of doing that beforehand.

All that said, the .4, .4, .6, .4 weighting is a relatively small change and I’m open to it if there’s enough support. I would prefer to avoid another snapshot round though, since it would further delay the next geyser refresh.

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@Brandon, thank you for the detailed explanation <3!

Yeah, I agree; I was hesitant to remove my AMPL from Splendid geyser, and my motivation in this thread was probably more biased than I initially imagined. I did want to move some of the balances towards Trinity because the yield was higher than Splendid, but back-of-the-envelope calculations also didn’t convenience me to go through the hassle. All this to say that perhaps Beehive should be slightly higher still, but in this case, we would need to gauge the utility.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s an emergency to hold out on the rewards this time, but if we have a few more rewards cycles before SPOT hits the market - it would be good to hear what the community might say with more time to mull things over.


The snapshot signaling vote completed last week with support.

The onchain vote is posted and goes lives tomorrow:

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Geysers are refreshed. Thanks everyone for participating.