Token Marketing and Comparison to Luna and others

I was recently at a crypto meetup and noticed a representative of Terraform Labs was there talking about the benefits of Luna as a form of decentralized form money particularly for ecommerce, and how it’s ideal due to its stability (references to Korean ecommerce). We all know the compatitive advantages of a truely decentralized stablecoin vs Tether for example, but it seems to me nobdy is putting a side by side comparison focusing on use cases, road map, and best practices.

The main use cases would include Investment, Ecommerce, and Defi (and on-boarding logistics from FIAT), how to reduce transaction fees on Layer 2 and how that looks like vs the competition, and what a path to true (not psudo stability) might look like if that is in the cards. Because many newbies are enamoured with Lightning network for Bitcoin (use cases in El Salvador abounds). Question some might ask would be if Luna pegs to the USD, is there a danger of pegging to a currency that is experiencing inflation and possibly runaway inflation in the future ? How would that affect a use case ?

This all comes down to marketing yes, but also clarity. In my own business I noticed that the gear heads get too caught up in how the trees in the forrest are made, and forget that most people are looking at the big picture. Seems the guys at Luna are addressing this, and we should too !

BTW - The 2 biggest complaints I hear at these crypto conferences, include “too much choice and complexity where best practices and simplicity is sought” and “The inability to figure out taxes, so they just freeze”. I also got a heavy dose of “I missed out on Bitcoin so I’m looking for alternative coins”. Anyways, there’s lots of opportunity guys, this should not be overlooked.