Proposal to Incentivize Spot Social Media Awareness

At the time of this post:

*Spot: Bend not Break Youtube Video - 510 views in 4 months

*@SpotProtocol X Account - 642 followers in 5 months.

*@SpotProtocol Instagram Account - 468 Followers in about a year?

As we all know, social media is a key component in driving awareness, education and marketing.

I think there is opportunity to increase the social media presence of Spot through incentivization.

Most of us onboarded onto Ampl during Defi Summer 2020, speaeheaded by the Geyser initiative.

Some would say that incentives like this seem ‘inorganic’.

However, I would argue that if not for the Geyser/Defi Summer of 2020, most of the Ampl community we know today would not exist.

I would like to propose Spot rewards/incentives by completing the following tasks:

1.Following the @SpotProtocol X Account
2.Following the @SpotProtocol Instagram Account
3.Watching the Bend Not Break Video
4. Taking a quiz (the quiz will have many variations to mitigate gamification)
5. Reposting the rewards program with a hashtag and #Spot

Doing all of this qualifies the participant to receive Spot tokens, a minimum of 1 or larger grand prize amounts(TBD)

Where will the Spot come from?

I propose using the 2% Forth inflation to acquire the Spot, in a way that will mitigate negative price impact for Forth holders.

With the holidays around the corner, recession looming, and crypto in a bear market, this will be a sight for sore eyes for a lot of people.

(And a way to learn about a really cool innovation in money.)

Sure, this runs the risk of people leaving and dumping the Spot as soon as they receive the reward, but I think a % of people will remain in the community.

Why not use this Spot to fund more geysers?
I think that it is a good idea to diversify out of Defi (Spot is a cryptocurrency, not a Defi project in my opinion) and attract a more diverse group of people in the community. I think the grand vision for Spot is bigger than Defi right?

Please share your thoughts on this proposal!


I think it’s a really good point, we should be acquiring more mindspace by incentivizing participation. I do think when we can effectively bridge SPOT to Base and has more activity/users, then it will be a big market for the inflation hedge and SoV seekers.