[Proposal] Monthly/BiMonthly Governance Calls

How would everyone feel about holding monthly/bimonthly governance calls?

I think now with Tally live, we [the community] should engage in more proactive and. constructive conversations on how exactly we can help scale FORTH governance.

A great example, which has gradually faded from the community’s eye, is the Tellor proposal. This was arguably the first major proposal submitted on the Ampleforth Protocol and we should encourage such high-quality submissions to continue.

AMPLEWHALEGOD did a fantastic job to extend the FORTH utility conversation by kick-starting a conversation on the Forum (link provided below). In fact, this proposal in particular echoes a lot of what has been discussed in this channel.

AMPLEWHALEGOD Proposal: FORTH: creating an actual product and a use case for AMPL

Many would argue and say that it is up to the Ampleforth team to initiate, promote such a motion - I believe the contrary.

By & Large, the Ampleforth community has proven to be one of the most economically savvy groups in the space. Let’s flex these muscles and construct/coordinate provisional improvements for the overarching protocol.

What’s of highest importance is to galvanize intrinsically motivated members that have a genuine interest in the growth of this ecosystem.

Yes, extrinsic incentives are nice and all (of which I would not oppose neither) but this - in the grand scheme of things - is secondary.

In a way, this is to serve as a rally-call for the entire AMPL community.


just got to reading this. I find this a terrific idea. I’m in


I really like the idea too! :100:

As it can be hard to settle on a specific time for reoccurring meetings, should we maybe first just have a kick-off call?
This would give us a better estimation of how much interest there is in the community for this kind of event and moves the burden of defining schedules for the call to a later point.

As a first suggestion, how about Thursday, July 22 around 6 pm UTC?


i do think a town hall call would be useful. i know other projects that hold multiple to cover different time zones but i’m willing to be flexible if we can only do one.

It’s been a while but I think this is a great idea and we should do this! @Guz_MassAdoption Assuming we work out the final details of FGP: FORTH Community Grants Program and you are leading the committee can it be a part of the lead role to organize and conduct community calls? To me it seems like a good task for the role.