Proposal Template for forum posts

Title: [Proposal Template for forum posts]

Read the proposal Template: [FORTH DAO Proposal Template - Google Docs]

Authors: 0xBaer

Date: 29.04.2022


A standardised template for the forum posts

One of the major hurdles in decentralised governance is the lack of information or the ease of accessibility of information for the governance participants, i.e the average users. Proposals in forums tend to differ in quality and structure which gives a hard for users to grasp quickly. Governance proposals in the Ampleforth forum come in different shapes and forms many aren’t accompanied by a clear poll to catch the community sentiments,


The current DAO
ecosystem is troubled with poor

— 0xBaer.eth (@0xbaer) <a

12, 2022


To increase the governance participation in the ForthDAO we must increase awareness of the proposals tabled in the forums with the help of aligning the financial and technical incentives. As an initial step for increased governance participation, we are planning to structurize proposals with a clean and elegant template which includes the following information.

  1. A clear and comprehensive ‘Title’ gives the initial understanding of what to expect from the proposal

  2. Name of the author along with the Date of publishing

  3. A 2 - 3 sentence 'tl;dr ’ for everyone to get a summary without reading the pages long proposal. things to expect here is what is proposed is all about.

  4. A proposal does not make sense without a proper background. an explanation of why are you making this proposal or what existing problems in the DAO led to the proposal.

  5. ‘Motivation and SPECIFICATION’ these two sections combined will give the reader an understanding of what you want to achieve and how you want to solve the problems which you have mentioned in the Background. The specification will include things like technical details and a Timeline.

There arent any financial implications for this proposal other than the gas cost of making an on-chain vote if this proposal follows through with the governance process of the DAO.

*in my personal opinion proposals like this that only needs a soft consensus should not take the same path as a protocol upgrade *


As you can see this proposal itself followed through with the template which I am suggesting. templatization of proposals gives a lot of structure and drives more participation, in the long run,* not based on facts,


  • Add clear “For & Against” Position

0xBaer- A web3 Consultant and governance expert, a genesis member of BanklessConsulting, the world’s first web3-native consulting firm.

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EmwoN is proposing that the $FORTH tokens be Burned from the DAO