AAVE lending no incentive

Aave lending has a problem. It makes no sence to lend liquidity to Aave. If there is a positiv rebase all the liquidity is borrowed and you dont get the rebase. If the rebase is negativ a lot of the liquidity is not borrowed and as a lender you get the negativ rebase.

I think we need a other concept if we want it to succeed. I have some thought but maybe its not possible or there is something I miss. but I want to share my thought:

What if the liquidity lender gets every time the whole rebases and we create something like a AMPL stablecoin thats backed by the normal AMPL token, but whitout the rebase function. It would be a great thing to borrow a coin thats backed by the USD 2019 and no risk of rebases.

The Aave rewards for lending should be so: If a lot of interest for the AMPL stablecoin exist. It should incentive people to buy more normal AMPL and lend it on Aave. The positive effect of the whole thing will be that if this happens, because of the rebase more AMPL can be created and more can be lend and borrowed.

What are your thougts about that, would it be possible? Will this bring other problems?