Any info from the team lately? Lending App?

Has been eerily quiet and honestly a feel a little bit concerned.

Chatter everywhere has ceased and the price fall is causing alot of fear in the community. Is the team fully together?

Thoughts and any way to address concerns of the long time community members?

Aside from the massive FUD. Had an idea for making FORTH the token of the Lending APP and folks can earn FORTH by lending AMPL etc. Since the rewards are running dry with AMPL.

What does the community think? We desperately need liquidity and some fresh concepts. Perhaps remaking the website. The roadmap is so antiquated and we still have the claim forth page as the main section. We should be way past that part. We could have a really nice site that simplifies and engages community. @evankuo @Brandon Any sort of response to show us that things are still happening and you hear us would be appreciated.

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We’ve had two comments on the site state in the last two office hours sessions:

11th August 2021

25th August 2021


@Andrew so taking it from @Fiddlekins screenshots, its been over two months now, since the team promised to update website and take down Forth at least or make something meaningful of it

seeing that no work s been completed I’m curious to find, @Andrew are you:

  1. More concerned with situation
  2. Less concerned with situation
  3. Have same level of concern as two months ago

please circle one! :slight_smile:

I think this is very illustrative of what’s going on with ampl.

Shortly after I posted that reply ampl’s website changed. Before FORTH banner used to cover whole homepage, and now they changed it so its only one of the banners. This change came literary 1-2 days after my initial post.

So what does this tell us? I think it tells us that I’m absolutely correct assessment of situation which I outlined here - Candid Messaging to Team and Community - #8 by marzipanstar

So what happened is this. I recall that those small changes to website were administered by Nithin Krishna, I know this because I raised a couple of such points in the past it was within who picked them up in discord.

The problem with that situation is that no-one gives a single thought about website or general business development. I suppose there should be people on the team who are in charge of overseeing external communication - making sure that website is in order etc. And in theory those people are Jessica and Simon. But they just don’t care, so site stays the same for 2 years now, no updates, that tells a lot of effectiveness of that team.

It was long ago announced that Richy left for another job, so he should’ve been removed from the team, but he is still in the list, and no-one cares.

So the bottom line is that details matter. Those people who should be in charge of those details on the team are simply not doing anything. Jessica who is been silent for many years now, not s ingle pip from here. Evan and Simon who are supposed to be doing all this stuff.

So I think what happened is that Nithin saw my post, and only because this was a minor adjustment and didn’t require any significant work he just pushed that change to website very fast because it was eating into eyes.

So I think Evan and co will farm this project for as long as possible, while community will continue to pay this shenanigans.